Analytics & Dashboarding

General Approach:

We strive to meet you where you need to be. We pride ourselves in fully leveraging the latest platforms, automation, and technology to create dashboards and automated reporting solutions that make your life easier as a researcher.


Our primary dashboarding platforms are Displayr, PowerBI, and Decipher Dashboards. Whether you would like a robust, multifaceted dashboard presenting a wide range of data, OR a one-page infographic-style dashboard designed to visually present the most salient data, we have the tools and skillset to help. We have experts on staff who can push the limits of these platforms and integrate MR-specific features like stat testing and dynamic survey analytics.

Automated Reporting:

Say you have a tracking study with a 50-page PPT that you need to update with each wave of new data. Or, you have a global brand survey that you need to cut into 10 different country-level reports. We can help automate these processes to save you a ton of time and minimize the opportunity for human error. This allows you, as the researcher, to focus on generating valuable insights.


We regularly help clients with both running and visualizing their survey analytics. Methodologies we have experience with include MaxDiff, TURF, Segmentation, Key Driver Analysis, Van Westendorp, and more. When scores and model outputs are not sufficient, we pride ourselves in creating visual, engaging ways to consume the results using tools like Displayr.


If you’re interested in dashboarding and/or analytics, please enter your contact info below and we’ll reach out to see how we can help: