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Improving Surveys with Proprietary Tools

Rapidly advancing technology, evolving socioeconomic times, uncertain geopolitical climates – the world is changing quickly. And that presents a specific challenge for insights professionals. Survey design must adapt to these forces so respondents feel comfortable, secure, and engaged while taking our surveys to collect the valuable information decision-makers need. Traditional market research tools have not…

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We Work Hard and Play Hard - Together!

Committed to the latest technologies with an exceptional team of customer-driven professionals. We work hard, we play hard, and for over 30 years, we’ve stayed true to our philosophy.  We’re partners and family, and it shows.

Research Results
Featured on Jamin Brazil’s
Happy Market Research

  Jamin Brazil:  “There is a calmness we can create with our clients when we are assertive from a position of knowledge and data. Recently I was on a call with Ellen Piper and the client asked something like, “Can we field our survey in an hour?” Ellen responded, we can, but your participants will…

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Research Results Named Philanthropic Company of the Year

After a lengthy application and selection process, Research Results Inc. is thrilled and honored to announce that we have been selected as the Quirk’s Media‘s Awards and MREF 2020 Philanthropic Company of the Year! This is a testament to the culture that John Zarrella, President of Research Results has built and the giving spirit of all of…

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No worries…. we are still kickin’

…AND THEN On Friday afternoon (July 31, 2020) as part of the Quirks Daily Newsletter, there was an announcement made “Research and Results to Cease Operations”. Much like the “And” in Peanut Butter AND Jelly is often overlooked the “and” makes a big difference here. While we were sad to hear the news of our…

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Thank you to Nurses, Doctors, First Responders and so Many More

During these troubling times, the Research Results team would like to thank all those on the front lines, including but not limited to–First Responders, Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Delivery and Sanitary workers, Restaurant workers, Letter Carriers, and all those in the Supply chain. We also thank those who have worked remotely during the COVID 19 pandemic,…

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RRI Push Up Sally Challenge

During the COVID 19 pandemic, the Research Results team decided to pay it forward and participate in a friendly push-up challenge in order to raise charitable funds for Our Father’s House, Inc. the agency located in Fitchburg Massachusetts provides shelter, resources, and programs for those most in need. This competition was a brilliant way for…

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Nick Shoemaker Recognized
With The RRI Award

We are pleased to announce that Nick Shoemaker is the recent winner of the Radical Resourcefulness Initiative (RRI) Award, recognized for Innovation and Collaboration. “Nick and a co-worker collaborated to create a next-level respondent experience for a shelf test conjoint project. The design and concept developed on this proof of concept will create a great…

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