Data Processing

General Approach:

If you just have too much data, or if you need to concentrate on your research, our data processing team of specialists are here to help you. With an average of over 10 years experience per team member, we can handle projects of any size. All data processing is done in-house by a team member based in the US.

What we offer:

  • Tables and Tabs: Including summary tables, custom grids that are cross-tabulated by client defined groups, and exported data we reformat into user-friendly groups

  • Data Cleaning: Checking and removal of data that does not meet quality standards

  • Data Weighting: We can adjust data to represent specific populations. Additionally, we can perform single-variable or multiple-variable RIM weighting

  • Data Stacking

  • Statistical Testing between groups, frequencies, means, percentages, standard deviations

  • Custom Deliverables: Including PPT reporting and charting

Flexible data formats:

We are able to receive your data in many different formats: Excel, SPSS, Quantam, or almost any other file type. From there, depending on your needs, we will work in Uncle, SPSS Statistics, or Q Research Software. Data files can be downloaded directly from our portal in a wide variety of formats including SPSS, Excel, SAS, Fixed-width, Tab-Delimited, etc. You also have the option to download only open-ended responses. Crosstabs can be exported in a variety of formats including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF, etc.


We can implement simple weighting schemes or utilize RIM weighting if needed to adjust multiple variables in a dataset. We can apply weighting to data tables and/or create weights within our Decipher portal for clients to apply when creating their own custom crosstabs.


We have coders on staff who can code in language or through back translations. We have the capability of automating coding in-house as well as creating customized word clouds using Q Research Software.


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