General Approach:

We have a team of 20+ talented programmers, who are experts at developing technically flawless surveys, that include interactive and visually-pleasing elements to capture respondents’ full attention. No matter how complex of a survey, we will find a question type to fit your research needs. Our aim is to create surveys with a mobile-first approach in mind, so that your survey functions just as well on a mobile device as it does on a computer screen.

Things we are regularly commissioned to program include:

  • Virtual Shelf Tests

  • Website Replication in order to map path of purchase

  • Conjoint exercises

  • Interactive image and concept testing

Programming Platforms:

Knowing that there is no one-size-fits-all platform, we pride ourselves on being software agnostic. We are proficient with many different programming platforms in the marketplace, including:


  • Sawtooth
  • CMIx
  • Decipher by FocusVision
  • ConfirmIT
  • Dimensions


Our go-to platform is Decipher, and we are currently one of the largest installs of Decipher in the industry. The platform has many built-in interactive tools, which allow us to specialize in shelf testing, and we even have a graphic designer on staff to help take this to the next level. Going above and beyond the out-of-the-box offerings, our team has created custom components to bring your research to life. We have built many custom tools specifically for clients, which we can leverage on your projects. These include Image Annotators (Heat Map), Text Highlighters, Page Flipping, Image Uploads, Image Mapping, etc. We have also integrated many third-party market research tools into our surveys – Eye Tracking, iModerate, Morphii, etc. If there is something specific you need done, we will find a way to make it happen!
Here are some examples of the custom elements we have included in surveys:

Multi-Country Projects:

We have vast experience in managing multi-wave, multi-country, multi-language projects. With projects even on the largest scale, we make sure nothing gets lost in translation (literally!). We work extensively with two translations houses. We can work either with word documents, or if translating for programming, we can utilize Xslates. Our standard process for translating surveys is to program and finalize the English test link and then export the overlay files from our platform to send to the linguists. From there, the linguists will translate the survey in the overlay file. Once the translations are completed, we can upload those files into our system, ultimately saving time and reducing any potential errors compared to other methods.

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