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Analytics & Dashboarding

We strive to meet you where you need to be. We leverage the latest automation, AI, storage and reporting tools to help you provide data insights. It can be as simple as adding virtual questions on our Decipher platform to creating an Azure Logic App and applying Cognitive Services. If you need a highly customized dashboard built or you’re looking for a simple do-it-yourself option, or anything in-between, we can support you.


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Data Processing

If you just have too much data, or if you need to concentrate on your research, our data processing team of specialists are here to help you. With an average of over 10 years experience per team member, we can handle projects of any size. All data processing is done in-house by a team member based in the US.


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How we work

At Research Results, Inc., we align ourselves by teams to provide our clients with the utmost dedicated and personalized service. Your team would be headed by an account lead/senior team member who would be your go-to person for all bids and pricing. Once a study is approved and ready to begin, a dedicated project manager will be assigned. Your project manager will handle the project timelines, communicate between the teams, and make sure all materials delivered to you are of the highest quality. You will also have a direct line to your programming and DP team, should you want to talk to them directly. We understand that market research is not 9-5 so we have staff across the US in order to meet your time zone needs. Additionally, we have nighttime and weekend coverage all based in the US.


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We have a team of 20+ talented programmers, who are experts at developing technically flawless surveys, that include interactive and visually-pleasing elements to capture respondents’ full attention. No matter how complex of a survey, we will find a question type to fit your research needs. Our aim is to create surveys with a mobile-first approach in mind, so that your survey functions just as well on a mobile device as it does on a computer screen.


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We see ourselves as panel consultants. While we do not have a panel of our own, we have extensive experience working with sample. We have a dedicated sample manager whose entire role is to work with panel companies and deliver quality sample for our clients. We are constantly seeking out new panels and vetting their capabilities, with quality being our top priority. While we do work with some of the big-name sample companies, we also find niche panels, so that we are able to complete any project with any audience. Given the volume at which we buy sample, we are able to leverage bulk discounts, that we pass along to you. We also incorporate non-panel based solutions for select B2B and niche audiences. These options include partnerships, custom list curation, and phone-to-web methods. We provide our online research experience and make sampling recommendations for hard-to-reach audiences. We’re a one-stop shop for all your sample needs. Let us take the headache out of dealing with a myriad of providers who all operate differently.


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