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We'll implement & customize the solution that's best for you.

We'll implement & customize the solution that's best for you.

Leveraging a best-fit platform, we'll turn your survey specifications into reality in an accurate, timely, practical, affordable way. With more than 30 years of experience, we understand the intense pressures you're under to deliver. We promise to do everything possible to support you. Just tell us what you need, and we'll make it happen.

Data Collection

Not every method is right for every situation. You can be sure that we'll choose the right tools to do the job right for you. No more, no less.

Implementation Samples

  • Facial Recognition

  • Eye Tracking

  • Conjoint Implementation (Maxdiff, Discrete Choice and CBC)

  • Fraud Detection and Prevention

  • Third Party API integration

  • Automated Message Triggering

  • Incentive Fulfillment (Realtime and follow-up)

  • Website and Application mockups

  • Video open ends

  • Video Integration using global content delivery networks from the US to APAC

  • Automated Data Delivery

  • Stateful and Stateless REST Data API

Group 4

Data Delivery

We use industry leading reporting and analytics tools to meet any client need.


  • Self-service crosstabs and in-field portals

  • Download into SPSS, Excel or other data formats so that analytics can begin while survey is still in-field

  • Traditional tables/crosstabs

  • Open-end question reporting in word clouds, coded reports, etc.

  • Custom dashboards to meet any client requirements

  • Automated reporting solutions


You get the information you need in whatever format works best for your team.

Panel/Community Tools & Management

From initial design to discrete project delivery, we can do for you what we've successfully achieved for clients such as:


  • NBC Viewers Voice

  • CVS Advisor

  • Phoenix Marketing

Panel Management:

Depend on our expert administration, profile management, recruitment, respondent-support and sample-management to assure actionable results. We specialize in all aspects of panel management, online-survey development, and data reporting. We’ll support your efforts with a complete suite of services including:

  • Administration
  • Recruitment
  • Profile Management
  • Respondent Support
  • Sample Management
  • Online Panel Development
  • Panel-Health Maintenance
  • Survey Programming
  • Survey Broadcasting
  • Data Reporting

Panel Definition and Planning

We’ll work closely with you to identify and define the goals of the panel, the business rules that will run the panel, the ideal panel member and the features and components of the panel itself.

Platform Set Up and Customization

This next phase of development addresses all aspects of panel construction. We’ll build the technical infrastructure that will turn your blueprint into a working-panel system. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions, so we’ll customize the system to meet your unique specifications.

Ongoing Panel Operation

Creating the software that supports a panel is only half the equation. The real key to a successful panel is in the support of day-to-day operations. We’ll do whatever it takes to maximize effectiveness and ensure that your panel’s goals are met.


We utilize only the proven best industry tools to service a community space for qualitative research. Our community tools are mobile-compatible and offer robust reporting, enhanced by an array of capabilities. Some of the services you’ll have extensive access to include:

  • Recruitment
  • Data point management
  • Moderation
  • Activity programming
  • Data Reporting
  • Real-time communications

For more than 30 years, we've delivered innovative, marketing research
solutions that meet our clients' precise needs and budgets.

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