“Slow and steady” may win
some races - but not today

You need a research partner that can react immediately to the forces that are changing
the way business is done.

Research Results helps NBC
Adjust Olympics Coverage.

Our challenge: Determine instantly who’s watching what, when and how. Information
as good as gold.

Getting into a customer’s head
shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Located in Fitchburg, MA, a little town where you can get the best of both worlds - big-city
service at a price that won’t cost you the farm.

We don’t settle for standard
Research—neither should you.

We go the extra mile, setting new standards in developing client-specific methods that point
the way to powerful solutions.

What would drive so many talented
research people to Fitchburg?

Clue: It wasn’t a bus. It was the desire to work in a dynamic environment that encourages creative
thinking… to challenge the rules… to streamline the process for maximum flexibility.

What do you want to know?

Strategic, creative, responsive, Research Results is unburdened by the traditional structured approaches—and the costly infrastructure usually associated with them. So if all the usual research methods don’t work for you, we’ll invent one. If big-city pricing is breaking your budget, welcome to small-town frugality. If you’re a little skeptical, contact us with your toughest market-research challenge.

We’ll do whatever it takes to arm you with the precise information you need to maintain your competitive edge.
Verbatim Tallying

You can receive full-verbatim responses as text files, in a database or in a spreadsheet—or all three—whatever best helps you use the results.

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Open End Coding
Open-End Coding

Our dedicated “map” approach groups the results of all responses, so codes are built based on answer patterns and commonalities.

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Questionnaire Editing
Questionnaire Editing

We employ a set of strict, comprehensive data rules and cleaning processes to assure that all your results are consistent and reliable.

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Data Tabulation
Data Tabulation

You can request that we publish your data and results—compiled from a variety of sources—to multiple formats. Whatever is most practical for you.

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Online Surveys
Online Surveys

As one of the first market-research companies to offer this valuable service, we have decades of experience and innovation results to apply to your needs.

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Panel Management
Panel Management

Depend on our expert administration, profile management, recruitment, respondent-support and sample-management to assure actionable results.

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Our Satisfied Clients

"Phoenix Marketing International has partnered with Research Results for over ten years. During this time Phoenix has grown 10 fold which wouldn't have been possible without the support of Research Results. Their consistent commitment to the highest level of service and quality have made them our primary source for operational support for survey hosting, community building and data processing."

Scott Spry, Chief Operating Officer, Phoenix Marketing International

“Research Results has been a critical business partner for 10 years. The service and expertise they provide our company is unmatched. Over the years, as technology for market research has evolved, Research Results has evolved with it, and brought us new and innovative ways to survey our customers. The team at Research Results is flexible, knowledgeable and professional – we wouldn’t dream of using anyone else for panel management and survey deployment.”

Caron Merrill, Senior Manager, Customer Research, CVS/Caremark

"Research Results has been a strategic business partner of IDG’s for more than 25 years. The quality and accuracy of their work is unparalleled. With Research Results, the customer always comes first. There is no one I would trust more with our data collection efforts."

Janet King, GM/VP, IDG Research Services

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