We deliver the quality you need.

Low-quality research is dangerous. In fact, most market researchers agree you are better off doing no research than doing bad research. And that is why Research Results is absolutely dedicated to providing the highest quality research for each client, every time.

Quality is in our very DNA. Everyone says that, but at Research Results, we prove it every day. From ensuring programming is correct, to verifying survey respondents, quality is a key part of our process.

Sample Quality

Quality Results pre-survey process to ensure sample quality. This multipronged approach weeds out poor sample before it ever hits your survey. For all studies, we program a custom Pre-Survey Experience, that eliminates fraudulent respondents before they enter the survey, without biasing the results. Sample quality measures included in our process are:

◽ When aggregating multiple sources, we block duplicates from entering the survey.
◽ Implement several “digital fingerprinting” tools to look at markers such as IP address, operating system, possible VPN usage, etc. to determine how likely they are to be fraudulent.
◽ Ask respondents a series of low IR questions to determine if they are saying ‘yes’ to everything to qualify for studies at a higher rate.
◽ We utilize bot checks through ReCAPTCHA and a hidden question that only bots can see.
◽ We ask the respondent’s conflicting questions to check for inconsistencies.
◽ We check IP addresses to ensure country of origin.
◽ We employ translation detection to determine if the respondent is translating the survey into another language.
◽ When bad quality is detected, we add an open end question to further check for copy/paste and gibberish answers.

Open Ends

While your study is in the field, our QA department reads all open ends, and deletes or highlights questionable responses for your review. This ensures we do not have to go back into the field after data cleaning is completed. There is no extra charge for this service as we believe it is our responsibility to ensure quality data across the full scope of the project.

Programming Quality

Our dedicated QA team reviews every programmed survey we produce. In addition to running hundreds of tests with simulated data, they run through every permutation of the survey possible, to try to break the survey. After a soft launch, our Data Processing teams completes a data check to make sure the data is mapping correctly, so everything goes as smoothly as possible when we tabulate the data. Our QA team is the critical second set of eyes on the survey, so we go into the field with confidence that the results will be error-free.

Translation Quality

Once the English Program is done, we can begin translation by sending the Xslate files to our translators. This way, we ensure that all translators are working from the same survey. When we program the translations into the program, we complete a “link check” where a second translator reviews the translations to make sure everything works in the context of the survey.