No matter how complex your survey is, we will work with you to develop an efficient, customized solution.

We have a team of 20+ talented programmers with decades of industry experience who are experts at engineering solutions that capture and hold respondents’ attention with interactive and visually appealing elements. We even have a professional graphic design team to help take your survey to the next level. And because most online surveys today are completed via a mobile device, our surveys are always programmed to be mobile-optimized regardless of your respondent’s device type. View examples of the custom elements we have included in prior surveys here.

Even with the largest projects, we make sure nothing gets lost in translation (literally!).

We have vast experience in managing multi-wave, multi-country, and multi-language projects. We can provide translation for word documents or Xslates (for programming). We work with multiple translation teams with native speakers to accommodate any language at any time.

Our main data collection platform is FocusVision by Forsta (formerly Decipher). Our programming team has over a decade of experience within this platform after using other platforms in the marketplace, including SPSS Dimensions, ConfirmIT, and Sawtooth. We have built custom tools for solutions that fall outside the standard FocusVision capabilities, including Image Annotators (Heat Maps), Virtual Inboxes, Custom Conjoints, and other tools). We have also incorporated third-party market research applications (including Sawtooth, Morphii, Eye Tracking, Digital Fingerprinting tools, and more).

Regardless of the scope or complexity of your survey, we will work with you to ensure you get the data you need. Put us to the test.