Capture the Power of Data Visualization

November 27, 2023

Data visualization is important because it can help market researchers communicate clearly and engagingly, making it easier and faster for their audience to understand, retain, and act on the opportunities in the information. It is about clearly communicating what the data says in a way that would be actionable for the decision-makers. Creating dynamic, self-updating data visualization solutions (e.g., dashboards and automated reports) can save manual labor and reduce human error. Lastly, data visualization can help market researchers stand out in a competitive industry.

Data visualization tools (e.g., DisplayR, Tableau, Power BI) can save time and increase accuracy in preparing visual data representations. As data reporting becomes more dynamic and automated, consumers of the data can dive deep into the nuances. The visualizations are automatically tailored to specific audiences without tedious re-work. These tools allow the data visualizations to be customized for specific use cases and data types. Overall, they allow more creative results that are less limited by traditional charts.

Most importantly, effective data visualizations make it much easier for clients to grasp and retain important insights from the research that has been completed. As David McCandless, in his book Knowledge is Beautiful, says,

“Understanding really is the key. When you understand something, you’re able to perceive its structure, its connections, its relationships, its significance relative to everything else. How it fits. You know it. Context, I’m realizing, is the field of these connections, the network we plug any new information into. That explains why, when something is contextualized, we can suddenly get it. It feels “meaningful” to us because it fits into the network of what we already know and understand and can relate to.

The more you understand information in this way, the more connected and contextualized it becomes, the more it morphs and starts to grow into knowledge.”

Even more important than the time savings and improved accuracy delivered by new tools, data visualization is critical to giving businesses more knowledge about their customers, their operations, and their competition. As data visualization facilitates this new knowledge to drive decision-making, it becomes critical to business success.


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