It’s Not What We Do – It’s How We Do It!

July 27, 2023

Research Results is your back-office market research service and support partner. For over 35 years, Research Results has solved our clients’ needs with research expertise, high-touch communications, and efficient processes. We know that the success of every project comes down to the intersection of people, communication, and technology (or, as we call it, technology, talent, and solutions). However, we are also well aware that we are not the only partner you could choose for these services. Anyone can pull a sample, program a questionnaire, or analyze your data. That’s why we go beyond the basics to ensure that every aspect of your research project works optimally to give you the necessary information. Our goal is to deliver white-glove service. Sampling. The challenge with sampling is that you usually don’t know there’s a problem until it’s too late. For example, in one project, a luxury European sports car manufacturer wanted to understand better their young, male, aspirational prospects. We all know young males are hard to recruit, but the client was even more surprised that their respondents had virtually no interest – aspirational or otherwise – in their brand. We discovered that their sample partner recruited solely from a NASCAR fan base. As you might hypothesize, NASCAR fans prefer American muscle cars to European luxury sports models, vastly under-representing the potential population. That’s why Research Results always uses a blended sampling approach: to avoid sample source biases and, when they appear, to catch them early so they can be addressed before they ruin the project. (For more about our sampling process [click here].) Panels. Research Results does not maintain our own panel, because we find we get better results by partnering with the many existing panels available in our industry. Having a proprietary panel would lead us to use that panel almost exclusively and could potentially hurt our clients. However, that also means we continually vet all those other panels and check and double-check each respondent. In fact, with bots becoming a greater problem in sampling, we have created a proprietary technique to eliminate bots from any sample. In addition to low-incidence questions and questions checking for internal consistency (e.g., matching the birth year with respondent age), we have a question that is only shown for a millisecond. Since human eyes cannot register this question, the respondent must be a bot and immediately removed from the sample if the question is answered. Asking the Right Questions. We go beyond the obvious to ask age, country, and even culturally appropriate questions. Were you born in the year of the horse or in 1954? Depending on your background, you may know one and not the other, so it is important to ask both. We have also developed several proprietary question formats that simplify answering questions for the respondent and deliver more accurate results for our clients. (For more about our proprietary questions [click here].) It all comes down to delivering extra value in everything we do. Whether you are a one-person research shop or a large market research firm, our industry is increasingly difficult. Whether you need to offload work or if you need help with a sophisticated solution, we’re there for you. Let us help you with your research challenges and find out what it means when we say we “always start with yes!”

We love DIY! These platforms have revolutionized the insights business and bring valuable information to more business challenges than ever. But many DIYers do not have the resources for the more complex sampling, programming, and analysis challenges they face. Bring those DIY challenges to us, and we will ensure you get it done correctly!

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