Research Results 2019 Christmas Party

January 16, 2020

To kick off the holiday spirit, Research Results hosted our annual RRI Christmas Party at headquarters in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Friends, family, and coworkers came together to enjoy a potluck lunch and round of competitive Yankee Swap.

The most important gift of all was the gift presented to president, John Zarrella. Every year around the holidays, the company works together to raise contributions to a local charity in need. This year, Research Results raised another $1,030 to Our Father House here in Fitchburg. 

Zarrella showed his appreciation to the rest of the team announcing, “ In counting my own personal blessings, and coupling that with the company’s many blessings, your contributions to Our Father’s House will be tripled, as I’ve written a personal check for $1,030 and the company is matching for $1,030, bringing our total to this very worthy charity to $3,090.  Thank you!! “ 

Research Results always works to participate in the season of giving, as it is an important part of the culture and company network. “Giving back to the community is something that’s become fundamentally part of the DNA here at Research Results over these many years, and I was very touched that everyone extended their generosity this year” Zarrella went on to say.

The RR team celebrated another successful year while also working to progress with the many goals and opportunities for 2020.

We wish everyone a healthy and happy New Year!